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Does Your Content Present You As a Knowledgeable Professional

If you follow our articles, you will know we regularly express the importance of creating high quality content.
This practice is not just a means of sharing information which will attract more followers and customers to your door. It is also a way of building up your authority within your own niche area. By showing potential customers your expertise through the content you create, you are positioning yourself as a leading voice and authority within your area of business or industry.
This article shares some ways you can present yourself as a knowledgeable expert, and exert your authority as a trusted professional online. We hope our suggestions will help you rise above the competition and separate yourself from the crowd.
We believe that by showing your professionalism in your field, you will be helping to build a solid relationship with your customers. They will be able to trust what you are selling if they can trust what you are saying. Because of this however, it is vitally important that you maintain the quality of your content. Any inaccuracies or lapses in professionalism could back fire seriously, and cause more damage than good.
The goal is to use your content to help you become more recognizable. This is obviously done using a strong brand, but it can also be done by creating a regular stream of content that answers readers’ questions, highlights current issues within your industry, or provides hints and tips that will help your customers. Blogs and article sections on your website are an excellent way to do this. They will help you to build up your authority and over time, you will build up a following that will regularly check in to read what you have to say. If you need an example of this, think about Google’s Matt Cutts. He has a huge following and through high quality, cutting edge content, he has become an authority, and a voice to be listened to on the internet.
Take time and carefully craft your content. Each article should have a clear message. It should be written using perfect grammar and spelling, in the language of your choice. We should say however, that in addition to posting your article in your native tongue, it is a good idea to post it in English, especially if you are hoping to attract an international clientele.
Collaboration with other experts in your field is another way to build authority. If you are seen to be creating interesting, fresh, and relevant content with other well-known names from your industry, it will lend credence and kudos to your name too. Guest blogging can also achieve this result, but exercise caution when guest blogging. Choose where your articles appear carefully, and maintain control of the content so you can maintain the quality. Partnership working has huge advantages, especially online, so consider teaming up with some leading lights within your industry to present a range of interesting and enlightening articles to your target customers. This tactic will also help you to gain respect from your peers, and that can lead to many exciting developments for your business.
Opinions vary, but we believe there is still value in a regular email newsletter, if it is quality! People will not relegate you to the Junk pile if your email arrives in a timely fashion, and contains information which will interest and inform them. The best way to pick up tips on how to produce an excellent email newsletter is to subscribe to a few from leading brands and companies, and have a look at what they are doing.
Make a note of the emails you read, the ones you ignore, and the ones that annoy or irritate you! Then, break these observations down into key points and actions that you can follow to improve your own newsletter. Sign up for the daily email newsletter from They are masters at creating news and sharing news. You will pick up some fantastic tips from them.
Don’t be afraid of video. Video is powerful content, and creating a well-produced piece of video footage does not have to cost a fortune. Today, we all have the ability to film, edit and upload a good quality video. Even simple PowerPoint slideshows can be turned into videos. Think about what you want to say, and how you can say it visually. Videos are attracting huge audiences, are popular items to share on social media, and can quickly become viral if the content is good.
Do you feel you could lead a webinar? Instead of being one of the attendees, why not consider holding one. You would be surprised how many people will sign up for a webinar if it is covering a specific subject they are interested in. Spend some time researching the webinars already being run for your industry. In the SEO and internet marketing industry, webinars are almost at saturation point! But there are many other businesses that could benefit from providing this service online. Consider how you could share your knowledge with others, and what you could teach them.
Have fun developing your content, building your voice, and your authority online. Over time it will have a positive effect on your following, your business, and your revenue.
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